We are delighted to welcome Dimitri Karakatsanis in our agency! Dimitri Karakatsanis is a Belgian director of photography working on commercials, music videos, documentaries and feature films. He works a lot in advertising, notably with directors Arnaud Uyttenhove (Coca-Cola, Lee, Jeep, Chrysler), Hisashi Eto (Suntory), Martin Krejčí (Nike), Christopher Riggert (WestPac, Apple Pay), Henrik Hansen (KIA) or even Bruno Aveillan (Sheba). He also signed the visual for the multi-awarded documentary “Tina” directed by Daniel Lindsay and TJ Martin (produced and broadcasted by HBO and nominated at the Berlinale in 2021), the feature film “Bluebird” by Jérémie Guez as well as Bob Dylan‘s music video “Visions of Johanna”, directed by John Hillcoat. After working all over the world and especially in Los Angeles, Dimitri has been back in Europe for a few years, taken up the thread of the European vision of the world that is close to his heart.