We’re thrilled to welcome the actor Daniel Njo Lobé in our agency! Daniel Njo Lobé is a French actor who recently won the Best Actor Award in the Séries Mania Festival for his role Idriss Toma in the series Le Code  (directed by Jean-Christophe Delpias) which will be broadcasted soon during prime time on France 2. Daniel is very active in Television as well as Cinema and Theatre. He incarnated the role of Fred in the two seasons of the TV series Marseille, broadcast on Netflix, the role of Nicolas Barbier in Équipe médicale d’urgence  (directed by Étienne Dhaene) and appeared recently in many TV films. Daniel is also active in cinema in movies like À tous les vents du ciel  (directed by Christophe Lioud) or Qui c’est les plus forts ?  (directed by Charlotte de Turckheim). On stage, he embodied multiple characters included Alexandre Dumas in the play Le Porteur d’Histoire  (by Alexis Michalik), among many plays.