Witness the remarkable performance of the actor Fabian Dorsimont in the play Cendrillon, Ce Macho! Le Remix from April 10th to June 1st at Théâtre de la Toison d’Or in Brussels. Produced by the latter and directed by Nathalie Uffner, this updated version of the classic tale still follows Cinderella’s story, but with a twist where a man of modest origins finds himself smitten by the heir to the throne at a ball. With an irresistible soundtrack, vibrant costumes, and a dynamic choreography, you’ll be tempted to dance the night away, perhaps even missing the midnight carriage ride home. The featuring actors are Fabian Dorsimont, Maxym Anciaux, Clément Corrillon, Catherine Decrolier, Emmanuel Dell’Erba, Sasha Delongueil, Lucas Fabry Martinez, and Nicole Oliver.