We’re delighted to welcome costume designer Flore Vauvillé in our agency!
She first worked as an assistant curator at the Fondation Cartier in Paris, and at the costume rental Le Vestiaire Rental House in Paris.
She started as a costume designer for the English reality TV show Release the Hounds season 4. In 2018, Flore made her debut in big film sets for LX2048, directed by Guy Moshe.
In the meantime, she designs costumes for the theater play Alisa” and Kas Nuzde Mano Teva directed by Antennas Obcarskas at the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre.
She goes back to cinema with Norwegian director Cecilie Mosli on the film Three Wishes for Cinderella“, and won an Amanda Award (Norway) for Best Costumes for her work on this feature film in 2022. She worked with director Lasse Hallstrom on the shoot of Hilma produced by Viaplay.
More recently, Flore created the costumes for the 8 episode series The Fortress by Cecilie Mosli and Mikkel Sandemose, which won the award for Best Script at Séries Mania this year and will come out end of 2023.
She is also the costume designer for the the ad Cartier Tank Française directed by Guy Ritchie, in which she styled Catherine Deneuve and Rami Malek.