We are delighted to welcome Frieda Yem, a talented young French costume designer, to our team. Originally, Frieda did not intend to pursue this career path. After finishing secondary school, she decided to study law but soon shifted her focus to training as a financial advisor. However, she quickly realised that an office job was not her true calling.

She has always been surrounded by fabrics, inspired by her mother, who was a seamstress. Watching Sex and the City, she discovered the profession of personal shopper and realised it was something she was already doing for her friends. Encouraged by this, she began offering her personal shopper services to a broader audience.

While visiting a friend who worked as a producer, she met a stylist and discovered the world of on-set styling. She asked her friend for the opportunity to explore this profession, and after receiving a positive response, she became an on-set stylist.

Frieda is passionate about projects that involve a high degree of creativity, particularly music videos. She has worked on videos for artists such as Grand Corps Malade , Zazie , Cats On Trees etc.
She enjoys immersing herself in the unique world of each project and has a fondness for quirky, unconventional themes, much like those seen in the Netflix show Black Mirror.

Frieda has a particular passion for layering and the mix-and-match approach. Among the stylists she admires, Charlotte Collet stands out and Frieda aspires for her own distinctive style to be equally recognizable.