We are happy to announce that Jean-Michel Poulichot has joined our roster. His journey began with obtaining a BTS in imaging, which laid the foundation for his career. Over the years, he accumulated a variety of positions in the field, including working as a machinist, an electro, and as a phantom camera operator. His wide-ranging skills have made him an invaluable asset in the field of imaging.

Since 2020, Poulichot has been actively working as a cinematographer. He has collaborated on numerous projects, partnering with various directors and production companies. He has worked on commercials for a wide range of brands, including Moët & Chandon, Hugo Boss, Dior, Guerlain, Hermès, Carolina Herrera, Armani, and many others. He also worked on the film Les Lendemains de la Veille with director Loïc Paillard and Picseyes production company.