En Fanfare, for which Mathé, ADC, was the production designer, has been selected for the Cannes Première category at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival. En Fanfare is about Thibaut, a famous conductor, who learns that he was adopted and has a brother, Jimmy, a school cafeteria worker and trombone player. Directed by Emmanuel Courcol and produced by Agat Films – Ex Nihilo, the movie stars Benjamin Lavernhe, Pierre Lottin, and Sarah Suco.

Be sure not to miss the screenings of En Fanfare :
• Salle Debussy, Sunday 19th, 07.00 pm
• Salle Agnès Varda, Monday 20th, 09.30 pm
• Cineum Salle 3, Monday 20th, 01.15 pm
• Cineum Aurore, Tuesday 21st, 01.45 pm