We are delighted to welcome director of photography Vincent Richard, called “Marquis”, AFC, to our agency.

Luc Besson offered him the role of director of photography for Franck Gastambide‘s Taxi 5 after seeing his performance in other second-unit projects.

Vincent works on films where action and stunts are omnipresent, such as Nicky Larson et le parfum de Cupidon and Super héros malgré lui, directed by Philippe Lacheau, or 30 jours max and its sequel 3 jours max, directed by Tarek Boudali, which opens in cinemas next Wednesday.

Vincent also collaborates regularly with Ludovic Bernard on family comedies such as 10 jours sans maman and its sequel 10 jours encore sans maman, and more recently on Ici et là-bas (in theaters in april 2024).

At the same time, he worked on Pierre-François Martin-Laval‘s film À la poursuite de Jean-Marc, to be released in December.

More recently, he collaborated with Fabrice Eboué on the fake documentary Gérald le Conquérant.